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Everything has a beginning and this one's been in the works for some time. It's time!

For years I've been visiting all kinds of wonderful places. Now mind you I'm a budget traveler and this means that the adventures take on their own life. It's all part of the experience and has been the source of many entertaining stories that I'll share with you here on, in the blog section. Because I like warmer climates, mosquitoes are often part of the experience and this was the catalyst for the journey; coming up with a product that would help to relieve mosquito bites and to build a consciences brand.

In my travels I've been looking for relief from the bites I get, I've tried it all. On my first venture into Costa Rica, I hesitate to even think about the chemicals that I used to ward off the buggers. My thanks to the team at REI for helping me to stay relatively bite free. No matter what I do, mosquitoes find their way to me. On one hand it's nice to be liked, but does it have to be mosquitoes? 

Everyone is a little different and there are several products out there offered by many companies large and small. Mosquito Stick Bite Relief may be the right fit for you. If you're like me, it's worth a try and we certainly hope that you will become a fan and an advocate of our product, brand and company.

This is a small business on a tight budget (that's another story). Our goal was to offer a product that was 1OO%            all-natural, made from recycled materials as well as being recyclable. It really had to be travel friendly, compact and priced so that if traded, lost or offered to a fellow traveler or friend it was an affordable act of kindness. In addition,

the impact on the environment is minimal and the product will decompose. This was all important to us.

Who is us? Us is me, Kirby and a few friends who have been on this journey with me. My sister who is super patient 

and offers great advice and my brother-in-law who both paid for my cell phone for an entire year while I worked on this. And who is Kirby?  Kirby is my dog who has been on many trips with me, he is so patient while I work and is always a team player. Kirby loves the great outdoors and he also really likes to hear from fellow travelers and other dogs too. Write to him!

                                                 Kirby at Mosquito Stick

                                                 206 College Street

                                                 Suite 1094

                                                 Pineville, NC


My hope is that this new venture will be a success and that the product will work for people like you, just like it did for me. I also hope that its success will allow me more time and the means to give back in my community and to the communities in the places I love or to those that need help. Take a look at our community page to see what I'm up to, what friends are doing or have accomplished and how you, through Mosquito Stick purchases are supporting and helping others.

So, Let's Go!

Come back for entertaining stories and help be a part of growing this small idea into something bigger.

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