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Mosquitoes have long been a problem for me and, I'm not alone. For years I've been looking for solutions to treat mosquito and other small insect bites. 

With the the support of friends and family, a new option is now available that is 100% all-natural. 

We love that we were able to avoid plastic tubes or applicators and that we were able to use recycled products in production.  

We are a small business that we hope will grow, allowing us to achieve the kind of success that provides the ability to support great causes near and far.

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Mosquito Sticks are easy to use. After a bite, pull one out of the book, wet the end with clean water & rub gently on the bite area or bites.

A white film may be visible and is natural. In a short time, the histamines your body, deployed to fight off the attackers bite or sting are soothed, anticoagulant is dried and the itching and swelling are reduced or even gone altogether. Re-apply as needed.

If for any reason there is a poor reaction, stop use and wash the area off,  if necessary seek medical attention.

Image by Ian Wagg
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