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Let's Go!

A big idea, an all natural product and a small business, all in one.

Bitter End Boats

Everything has a beginning and this one's been in the works for some time.

For years I've been visiting all kinds of wonderful places. Now mind you I'm a budget traveler and this means there are more often than not, things to compromise on. It's all part of the experience and has been the source of many entertaining stories that I'll share with you here. Because I like warmer climates, mosquito's are often part of the experience.

In my travels I've been looking for relief from the bites I get, I've tried it all. On my first venture into Costa Rica I was fraught with fear of what would happen to me. I can't thank REI enough for recommending a product that helped to keep the number of bites down to a manageable level. No matter what I do, mosquitoes find their way to me. I'd like to say that it's nice to be liked, by anyone and anything other than a mosquito.

Everyone is a little different and there are several products out there offered by many companies large and small. Mosquito Stick Bite Relief may be the right fit for you. If you are like me, it's worth a try and we certainly hope that you will become a fan and an advocate of our small brand and company.

This is a small business on a tight budget (that's another story). At the same time, we wanted to offer a product that was 100% all-natural, made from recycled materials as well as being recyclable. It had to be travel friendly, compact and priced so that if traded or offered to a fellow traveler or friend it was an affordable act of kindness. If you drop it along the way the impact on the environment is minimal, this was important to us.

Who is us? Us is me and a few friends who have been on this journey with me. My sister who is super patient and offers great advice and my brother in-law who both paid for my cell phone for an entire year and treated me to many a meal while I worked on this.

So, Let's Go!

Come back for entertaining stories and help be a part of growing this small idea into something bigger.

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